How to delete an archived site?

Hello Everyone,

does anyone have a solution for the relatively new “archive” garbage?
I recently tried to delete the old version of a site to continue working on a newer version. I was used to delete the older versions and rename the domain on the newer version afterwards. Now an unused and archived site keeps me from using the domain i want to use.
Did no one think of this? How can i DELETE an old site?!

Thanks in advance…

Systematically our projects gets archived, if you really want to delete it then you have to contact support.

And not to go with the hassle, just add extra letters or some relative words to make it unique.

I don’t really get it, as it used to work before… but alright – another not so user friendly thing to keep in mind… Thanks for the quick answer!

Yes, this has been changes recently I think.

Unpublish the older site (same area (top right) where you click to publish)

Then the domain for the older site will become free so you can use it again on any new projects.

This is almost instant, and should not take much wait time before you are able to apply the same domain name to a new site.

Make sure to “Save” the new domain before you publish for the new site.

I hope this helps :)