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Fixed tab menu only visible on one section?

Bon Dia to your all, Bon Siman,

I would have a fixed tabmenu only visible on one section. I found nothing in the forum/help. Who can help me with that?

It’s the Home page, Section “Our Work”

Already thousand thanks!


Hi did you solve that? I can’t find a Our Work section and don’t quite understand your question… What is a fixed tabmenu for you and where is it supposed not to appear? Thanks

Hi Vincent!

How are you doing in France? The weather nice?

Nice to read you, long time ago… thanks for replying. I was paused on Webflow for a few month and toke a photographer-course. Very fun and I did some assignments already to, great! My photo-website is under construction at the moment to.

But, next year we go back to the Netherlands :-(, so I go on with my costumes and my site has to be ready.

Now my question: First I did a remake of the portfolio-section on my homepag. So i will send a new link. It’s not working out yet, because “Div Diamond” and the “Feater triangel below” have to be on the bottom of the pictures in the portfolio-row.

I set up the tab-nav-menu. I would have it instead of the vertical menu (from the template) on the left (section-menu, those with the circle’s). I would like to show up this tab-nav-menu, only on the portfolio-section (the one with the 3 picture on it). Can you help me with this?

I hope you understand what I have read (oh oh, my english :frowning: ),

Many thanks already,

I figured out the diamand and triangle thing! That’s solved.

NB The with background for the lightbox (you helped me out with that) is also in it :smile:

Frigging summer on the west coast! It’s like being in vacation everyday (:

So what’s left? all ok?

That’s great (: You’ll have even better hero backgrounds on your webflow sites (:


The tab-menu from my original quesion is left! over I can’t figure out how that vertical menu in the template works excactly. I want the same, for my tab-nav-menu, only appearence int the portfolio-section. (It’s that menu with the tabs “Dreams-&-Roses” "alegria…"etc.

I will send you some sunshine, we have enough. Too much warm on this island (it’s not nice bleehhhh :slight_smile:

Forgive my bad english

Ok I see that the circles menu only shows up for a few sections in the middle, and I understand you would want it to appear even less, only on the portfolio section… right?

I see that there is an interaction hiding the circle menu at load, I see that there is an interaction making it show up. But I cant find the element it’s linked to…

If you don’t kow either what element has this interaction, then delete the show up interaction, and recreate one of your own. Create an interaction on the portfolio section, target another element, the circles menu, and make it show up onScroll. Adjust the offset value to have the desired effect. And reverse the effect onscroll out.

Make sense to you?


A little bit I understand, but can I make that new menu, linked at my tabs on the portfolio-section?

Oh I see…

Well, in order to link to tab, custom javascript code is needed. Learn how to link to tabs here:

And if you do that, the best would be to move the circles menu inside the portfolio section, no?

ok, very much thanks!

I go try what you have been written. But… that is really difficult stuff for me. I can’t promiss that I can fixe that. I will try that tonight, when I got help with my english. It’s here lunchtime, six hours earlier as Europe.

You will read me again… :-),

Sunshine and greetings are underway to France,

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Hello Vincent,
I will thank you for you’re help, but I tried and tried, but could not fix this. On the other side I was in a real combat with the homepage of the template. I found that not pretty, and I did something of my own. I don’t like this also, but its works a little better for my very coloured pictures. It’s in concept ready and I hope to be ready soon.

I hear that France has received my tropical sunshine now ;-), greetings Corine

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Oh yeah we got it straight in our faces, +15°C overnight, 40 in the shade, luckily my office is 350m from the beach so it’s been the perfect time to buy an “office swimsuit” and now I go swim at every lunch break (: I’ll never regret moving to the coast :smiley:

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