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I paid for a year site plan and now I want to bill my client on a monthly basis

Hi, I want to discuss something I ran into today. I have been using Webflow for the past 5 month now and I just finished my first website for a client. Now, without thinking it ahead, I paid for a yearly business site plan ($432 USD) and after I was done with the website, I created a client billing for my client and put it on a monthly basis plan. Does anyone know why the payment on the billing page for my client says “Pending…”? I’m just wondering if the payments will start to occur next year same day as the yearly plan expires! Because if that’s the case, I need to speak to my client about this. I just don’t wanna mess it up that’s why I’m bringing my question here first.

Thank you,
Abdallah Moghnieh

Hi and welcome. You will need to take this up with Webflow support. Community can’t help you.

Thanks Jeff. I will.