I need help with my navbar links

I am going to lose it.
My navbar links wont act right because when I click on them they keep going to the wrong page. I keep removing classes and re-linking them to the page I want them to go but it still doesn’t work. I’m not sure how to deal with it as this is my first time using webflow. PLEASE HELP!

Hi @ijgreaux.22

It looks like you have created component overrides on your nav bar which means you are only changing the links on certain pages and not others. That may be why you are having problems.

If you click into an element within a component, Webflow automatically creates overrides. There is a button on the component settings which says edit component.

You need to delete the overrides and then edit the component itself so that all the links are as you wish them to be.

Here’s some more information about components: Components | Webflow University

All the best