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ReCreating Product Hunt Menu

Is it possible to make an identical menu for navigation as producthunt in WEBFLOW???

It would be epic,


Hey @codyarsenault,

Are you talking about this part ?

Hey @zbrah that’s exactly it!

I can’t figure out how to make a sub nav. I made the sticky nav fine, but categories are difficult past then.

Did you try dropdown menu element? pic or div instead of the default dropdown icon and some css.


Figured it out!

The only thing I’m stumped on now is how to make it sticky when you scroll to it. Does anyone have a tutorial for this? I’ll keep looking on the forums

I found this code from @bwalls1992

Dont know how to implement though.

Also found sticky kit integration @cyberdave

A little guidence on these would be awesome. I’m just not sure what to edit and how to make it work for my case

preview link to build mock. Figure can use this for future when its done and good for other ppl to copy

@samliew can you give me some guidance on this?

Would really appreciate it :smiley:

@codyarsenault This question is too broad for me to answer here, plus as it’s more of a design question, you are better off asking a designer first. If you’d like, you can always contact me here for custom coding requests.

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