I need help with a link block

I’m trying to build a website using webflow and I got stucked with a link block. I want to use it to switch into another page but in the mobile version this block is un-clickable. I think is a matter of level but I really can’t fix it. Anyone who you help me?

It only happens with the (vertical) mobile version and not with all the devices. For example iphone 5/5s works, Iphone 6/6s/7 does not :frowning:

It only works if I delete the logo (triboo).

Here is the link http://mik-triboo.webflow.io/

Hi @Waldo this is the link you asked me --> https://preview.webflow.com/preview/mik-triboo?preview=6ee73cf9945b92ad30bedfba4d8a600c is this enough or do you need something more?


Hi @mik firstly Welcome to the Webflow Community and thank you so much for updating your post , I went ahead and re-categorized this post under “Design Help” :slight_smile:

I’m assuming that you’re referring to your Nav logo (which has a class name of “Brand”) but it’s difficult to tell without any screenshots or class names of the element you’re referring to in your post. It looks like that link block does not have a link set on it yet, you can update that under the settings tab when you select the link block element:

Hope that this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions :smiley:

Hi @Waldo, I think I didn’t explain myself :smiley: The problem I have is with the icon to change language. I add a screenshot here:

The problem is that in many devices (iphone 6/7) doesn’t work. I mean, if you click on it nothing happen.

I suppose that is because of a level problem, the only way to make it works is to delete de link block with the logo.

It works on a device such an iphone 5, I guess because of the position of the flag, lower respect to an Iphone 5 (due to the screen dimensions).

I don’t know if I got explained this time :smiley:


Hi @mik,

Thanks for the additional info. I took a look at the site on iPhone and it seems there is some overflow on the site, that causes the page to display with extra whitespace and distorting the page, is this what you are referring to?

If you remove the logo link in the About section in the second column completely:

Then the site looks like this on iPhone:

And then the “Lingua” link to change languages works for me with no issues. Does this help?

Hi @cyberdave I was referring to another thing but, the one you mention is another issue I need to fix. Ok, if I remove the logo link it works but I lose the logo, any other suggestion to avoid the overflow by keeping the logo? @Waldo?