I need help building logic flow with questions that direct the user to the right page


I’m creating an edtech company. I’m trying to develop the website- no code skills at all.

However, apart of the sign up processs id like it to be similar duolingo where the user is taken through a series of different learning materials and asked questions based on it to determine their learning style.

For example:
User X hasn’t to watch a video then asked 2 questions on it, then they have to read some text and asked two questions on it (and so on…) and then based on the responses of the questions whichever one is higher the system recommends their learning style and takes them to the learning style landing page.

I have seen Microsoft Azure Ml and Amazon Personalize from Aws. But the issue is I kinda don’t have coding experience and I want to make this but don’t know how to do it.

I really want to develop it myself- and I want to know how if I use aws or Microsoft or even another service this would work.

You might want to consider using a form engine you can use to embed a form that supports branching and logic flows. How you would do it would depend on the product you choose that meets your needs.

Take a look at (direct link to forms section)

You could probably build this in Typeform. I would look at that first. Pricey, but much cheaper than coding one.