How to make a complex destination searcher (for a travel agency site)?

How to create a complex destination finder (for a travel agency site) ?


I would like something like this for my future site :

I am a beginner, so it might be a bit of a big undertaking, but I am very persistent.

Is there a template or if not, how should I get started?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

You will likely have a lot of complex UX logic and display requirements in building this;

  • dynamic data
  • forms capture and transitional storage
  • multi-step logic, e.g. From would not include the To as an option
  • calendar and available times, maybe against a tour schedule db
  • passengers

And that’s just the query-building step. Then you need to search a system somewhere, and return the results in a meaningful way, progressing to booking later…

If you want to do this on Webflow, start by learning Wized. You may need Xano as well for its data storage and serverless API features.

Very importantly though, start from the end goal and work backwards. You need to know what the intention here is… bookings? Quotes? Lead capture? And you need to know a lot about the system you’re searching that contains these offers.

Unless those are clear, you’ll never be able to build this UX well.

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