I´m Losing Webflow portfolio

Most of my webflow work (95%) is made to clients that have their own webflow account, they want a account with their setting and personal mastercard.

So clients give me their login/password and i do the work, so far so good. The problem is that my webflow portfolio it´s empty because the work i do is in their accounts.

I know i can transfer sites, but all of my clients have the “personal plan” and i cannot transfer sites to my account.
Technically i don’t need to transfer sites to my account, i only need a way to show on my portfolio that i “did that website” that is in another account… but i cannot do that.

The result is when potential clients go and see my webflow profile, it´s empty… but in fact i did lot´s of work on other accounts. That is definitely a business killer and EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING.

Do you (webflow team) have a turn around on this?

I think the whole idea of the built-in Webflow portfolio is inherently wrong. This is a digression from the original goal of Webflow as a site building tool.

Webflow is trying to be too many things in this case and when you try to be too many things, you always end up inadequate in scope and quality.

It’d have been just nice if one could have a field in his profile named “portfolio” and point to a link with hisportfolio wherever he decided to upload it (behance/ upwork/ personal site/ etc).

If Webflow had not engaged into building this automated portfolio thing, we could have enjoyed some of the important features we do not yet have, instead of wondering what to do with this half-baked thing.

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This is a good point, I think a nice to have would be to mark websites with who owns the site and who built the site (reference to Webflow user’s or just free text is good)

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