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I just can't fix that horizontal scroll :(

And no matter how hard I try

i put all the section in overflow hidden and it has not fix the problem. the only way I find was to but ovorflow hidden for the body but of course i cant then scroll at all

any idea?

Maybe it’s just me, but everything looks fine… I mean, there is no horizontal scroll when I go to your link…

Well I don’t get it, there is a (light) horizontal scroll posibility on the right, in chrome and firefox

I checked it once again on Chrome + Safari and still can’t see any horizontal scroll, but like I said – maybe it’s just me. Sorry :frowning:

You need to specify that. Browser width, version and OS. Which „section“ do you mean? All relevant info.

im on windows 10 pro 64bits. I use chrome Version 86.0.4240.198 and mozilla firefox 78.4.1esr. Im on 1920x1080

Sorry, but I can’t see a horizontal scroll behavior either.

Maybe that occurs only on the published version? In another post, an error appeared only on the published site.

Hi all,

Yes, sorry for that, the problem appear only in the published version.

it appear on chrome, mozilla and also on the mobile version using chrome.

I have another issue when I try the published version on my phone. The result is totally different with 2 sections overflow each other on the published version. When I use the designer I don’t have that problem. Maybe I should open a new thread for that problem

I have another problem with your site: scrolling is not possible in the published version. The body element is set to overflow hidden.

oh yeah!

sorry for that i forget to put it on show while i made some test :wink:

it s fix now

Okay, I see some overflowing elements on multiple screen sizes and horizontal scroll on mobile. All due to unfinished (responsive) design.

But no horizontal scroll on desktop. I would recommend to fine-tune your design. Maybe the issue gets tuned in the process.