I have to do 20 galleries as collection and all have same appearance. Isn't it possible to dublicate these collections?

I have to do 20 galleries as collection and all shall have same appearance and also have the same appearance in the collection template. Isn’t it possible to duplicate these collections since all has to be the same (they all look the same, but only with different photos, and the collections template have exactly the same text and one picture from the various collection). It is just too much work if I have to make 20 galleries and everyone gallery looks the same, and you don’t have the opportunity to duplicate?

Can anybody help me? :blush:

Hello @neanea6060,

So I don’t know if you tried it yet but you can copy and paste almost anything on webflow. Just select the element you want to copy and press (command C) to copy and (command V) to paste it where you want. I hope this helps.

But the source is locked, why? I have tried several times to copy, - but it don’t work?

Can you post a read only link? I would have to see your settings to understand better.

hey @neanea6060,

So i was able to copy your collection list wrapper and paste it into a new section on the same page. from there it is a matter of changing name classes or adding combo classes to set the new collection list copied from the previous one. I dont know if that is what you want? here is a picture of the navigator to show you what i did.

Yes I can copy that too. But it is locked? I can’t use it as it is locked. I have have a new source and so on… So why is it locked?

I see what you mean now @neanea6060. I think what you have to do next after you copy your collection lists is to go to your cms collections and find the one that you copied and change the picture there. But remember that you have to change the class names or add combo classes or your changes will affect both collection lists, the new one and the original one. I hope this helps.

Hey @neanea6060,

So i tried to copy the collection list and rename the classes and change the pictures and doesn’t work like that, because each collection list is unique, it can be copied but not modified. Im sorry if I misguided you, it was not my intention. I thought it was possible. I think you have to create each collection list individually since all pictures within the collection have unique links.

Thank you!
Urg… but this is a big job

I know!! I’ll look into it on other forum posts. I’ll let you know if I find something useful, maybe a shortcut of something.

Hey @neanea6060. I found two similar posts, hopefully you find your answer from these links:

I have disconnect the elements, but It don’t worked for me , see my video
The 2. post you mentioned "Ability to duplicate collection/collection pages, was not same issue I have.

Dear Pablo_Cortes!
I found out the problem. I didn’t know I had to disconect in the Collection it self. It works now!!
:grinning: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@neanea6060 Im so glad you found a solution. Take care!!

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Thans a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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