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I have some problem in mobile version with menu

In mobile the page body goes bigger than screen -
If you switch to mobile view you will see that the page width is bigger than must be so you can scroll left-right.
Please help )

early-boo class has a fixed width of 450px.

Thank you @samliew!

Actually, it’s a little bit confuse me because I had the problem before I include this block, but it looks fixed now.

Hi again,

The problem with mobile version appears again, the menu goes more than 100% width and the hamburger works only with double tap and even then doesn’t close menu on the second tap.

Please help me to fix it

I noticed that when you scrolling down to finish and then up to start the width goes to the right place but the hamburger button doesn’t work

And the problem appears only when you looking from the mobile or in the browser in dev mode (inspect element), in Webflow mobile view it shows all good.

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