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I have no idea where my category is getting referenced

This is not helpful…

I can’t find the category reference. Any way you can just delete it and replace it with the existing text?

Hi @cjroe Can you please provide your read-only link?

thanks in advance :slight_smile: @PixelGeek

@PixelGeek Any luck with this? I really just want to delete the old Blog Posts collection because I was not able to change the permalink. Ideally you can change those and it re-writes the urls.

You could just store the permalink as separate fields in your data and build the urls on a new publish.

For example:

    "webflow_domain": ""
    "collection_permalink": "blog",
    "collection_fragment_permalink": "2017-06-01",
    "collection_item_permalink": "some-blog-post"

const fragment = isDate ? new Date(collection_fragment_permalink) : collection_fragment_permalink
const URL_ON_PROD = `${collection_permalink}/${fragment}/${collection_item_permalink}`

also, delete all elements in your category dynamic template page,

then delete the Category reference in your blog posts collection:

then try deleting your dynamic collection

I deleted all the elements in the category dynamic template page, but it’s still not allowing me to remove it from the blog posts collection. I keep getting the error and this one:

@PixelGeek I have reviewed the entire blog posts collection and there’s no traces of references. How can I find the reference?

@PixelGeek So this is pretty ridiculous. I have to go through the entire site deleting references all over the place to merely delete a collection that had a permalink I didn’t want? Can you break the references to these and set them back to nothing or give us the option to find them at least? I’m literally lost on the site looking for references.

Any ideas here? @brjohnson @samliew

@PixelGeek Any update on this? Still having this issue.

@PixelGeek This is still an issue on my site. I literally can’t delete the collection. There are not references on the site either, I’ve looked through every page and template.

@cjroe I suggest you email support directly about this issue for faster response,

Hi @cjroe

I responded to your email.

To help the community with this kind of an issue: When you are certain that there are no more bindings in your website, you can force a refresh on your site by pressing CMD + S on Mac (CTRL + S on Windows) to save your site and then hard refresh the Designer. Then, you should be able to delete the field or collection in question.

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Great, that fixed it. Thanks @AnnaKelian!

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