Can't delete field in collection

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I’m certain I have gotten rid of all references to the Category field but I still cannot delete it. I am trying to change Category to Categories, a multiple reference field. Here is my share link:

I really don’t want to have to start again.

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You probably have to remove the reference to it in the other collections prior to be allowed to delete it.

Yes I know this but I am 100% sure all references are deleted. I tried CMD+S to reload the website but still no avail!

In the first collection, you have a reference to categories.

Sorry, I should have been more specific.

Hi Vincent, I cannot get rid of it still. This field is required. Do you see my frustration haha? It seems impossible

I’m having a look again. Sorry It’s difficult for me to give you a complete solution because I’m not allowed on a sharing link to handle the CMS so much.

Be back.

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You tried deleting right?

Haha come on Vincent, I need help but I’m not that bad

What happens if you click on the trash bin icon?

Try to bind the category field to author collection, save it, then try deleting the categories collection.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work, here are the screenshots of the errors I get if I try to do this:

Starting from bottom to top ^

@cyberdave can I ping you here? I’m unable to go further on this due to the shared version limitations. Thanks.

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