Closing Tabbed Content

I am having issues with a tab element not closing. Im certain that that is something possible, however whenever I click on the tab that to open, it does open, but does not close. This is something that I need this tab to be able to do, but not sure why it won’t close.

Please view the link that I have supplied and let me know if this is possible, or a glitch with my Webflow site.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide.

Here is my public share link:

Hi @clintp ,

There is not Glitch, it is just that the Tabs widget is not designed to work like an accordion, there is no way at the moment (natively) to set the Active tab to “none” using the tabs widget default behavior.

I would recommend to create an interaction to show or hide the content, instead of using the tabs widget which is not designed to work as a dropdown like that.

See for example an example accordion FAQ using interactions :

You can clone that site to see how the accordion interactionvwas made:

Oh, so it is not designed to work like an accordion. I did not know that. I did try to create an interaction but I could not get it to work. Is it possible for you to assist with one block on my site?

Hi @clintp, I made a quick video that I hope will help:

Here is a good video course on interactions:

Thanks Dave, i appreciate the help on this one, I was able to get that worked out thanks to your help!

I appreciate it a lot

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