I have a website on webflow and whatever i may create a blog its redirecting to 404

any idea how to fix.

All the blogs are redirecting to page not found.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hi Neeraj, you need to share a readonly designer link for anyone to see what your problem is.

That said, I’d guess you have publishing switched off on your blog page settings.

Read only designer link : Webflow - HyperClapper

These are blog link : HyperClapper


not a single one is showing

It’s showing fine… you just don’t have anything to show. Your template is completely blank.

how to fix it when i have already given structure in each blog post can you help me how to do that, i tried the video of weblow but didn’t understand

You need to design and build your website.

I think you’re confused about how the CMS works, so start with the Webflow U courses on the CMS and CMS pages.

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on other website it was there for this one its not. I tried leanring but still not able to see the blog url when i try to open its blank

Yes it’s blank because you haven’t built anything on that page yet. Webflow is a design tool, and these pages aren’t automatically created for you.

The video courses will help you understand how to use the CMS and collection pages.