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I have a webflow blog, is there a way to upgrade my website to unlimited CMS items?

I have a webflow blog, is there a way to upgrade my website to unlimited CMS items?

@nguyenvanchinh According to this, the max CMS items is 10,000. Just my own guessing, webflow doesn’t put unlimited CMS probably want to give the best user experience. Too many CMS items might slow down the site. You might loss control over it. I personally think 10,000 already too much. I wonder if there anyone reach that amount yet in Webflow?

Thanks Jenn for the reply. According to my estimate, in the next 6 months, my project will receive 10,000 CMS items. I want to make a long term investment with webflow. But 10,000 CMS items for me are really not enough.
I wonder if I can contact and negotiate the price with webflow to increase more than 10,000 CMS items, right?

HI, I"m new here. We’re looking at moving over a large site that has close to 30,000 articles and we have at least 2000 authors. Is each of those articles considered a CMS item? That would make it a non starter for us. Also, its not hard at all for a site generating lots of content to have 10,000 posts.

Yes, a single item = a CMS item.
Also, afaik, the 10.000 limit is the total sum of all CMS items across all CMS collections (in case you have more than just articles).

Thanks. so Webflow is not an option for us?

You can contact Webflow about their enterprise offering.

I contacted but they plan to expand to more than 10,000 CMS in the future. And no specific date yet. Really sorry.

@nguyenvanchinh That’s unpredictable when from Webflow. You might need to consider Wordpress.

@JackBK I don’t think Webflow is good for your case.

Ten thousand items may sound a lot, but it’s extremely restricting even small/medium blogs with many contributors, especially if you want to execute custom tags.