Help for drop-down NAV bar!

Dear Webflowers,

I have recently put my website online. It took me two months to understand a little bit of webflow, but I am proud I got ‘somewhere’ . However, there’s MUCH work to do. I have a question:

I have creatie my a NAV bar with drop down menu. The titles in the drop down menu have transparant background, so only the titles appear. When the background is white, it is clear, but when the background of the section is more grey-is, dark, it is difficult to read the titling in the drop-down.
Could some of you give me an advice on changing the dropdown in such a way it stays clear? I dislike the square white background color in a drop down, that looks so cheap. But maybe there’s a way to include a hamburger menu in the big screen? Any ideas??? Help !

Any ideas are welcome. Ofcourse it needs to be functional and in line with a slik, sexy design :wink:

Here’s the link to my site:

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Hey joostvrouenraets

Surely, the dropdown looks slick on pages with white background! One thing to consider — scroll down a bit and even on pages with white bg the dropdown is not readable anymore - (even on white pages!)

Maybe there’s a solution that keeps the dropdown readable and looks sexy regarding of page BG color, content and scroll position?

It’s always best to design for future-proofing and easy maintainability. think of all the edge-cases you have to think of with your current implementation! For each addition on your site you would have to check if the dropdown still works and so forth…

Have a go at translucent coloring behind your dropdown plus some transitions and/or animations :slight_smile:
If you want to a bit further, may try some custom things like blurred backgrounds (backdrop-filter on MDN) but keep compatibility of different browser in mind! Always check etc.

Hope I could help just a little! Keep up the good work! Site looks real nice!