I can't find my symbol 🥴

I can’t find one of my symbols. Is there a way to tell what pages your symbols are on?


Hello Joejola,

The closest thing to being able to do this that I can think of would be going to each page and searching for the symbol.

You can search by going to the page you want to search on (in the editor) and you’ll see a little magnifying glass icon on the bottom left (side panel) or you can use the hot key “CTRL-E”, you can then search for elements on the page. It’s not the fastest way but it’s faster then manually looking through everything.

Hope that helps!

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Yeah, unfortunately that was what I was trying to avoid doing.

I can’t find a symbol. I even deleted all my pages in an effort to find it, relying on backup. Even that didn’t work. I then deleted every collection list. In fact my entire site is now completely blank except for a blank homepage and password, 404 and search results and it still shows there’s one navbar symbol. And also one footer symbol now.

It was in the Search Results Page! Solved.

Hi Joejola, indeed there is! I have found a simple workaround to find it without much effort or opening every single page.
Just add the symbol to the page (any) as usual, add a class with a unique name to the symbol. Save the changes.
Next step just export the whole project and open it locally with a software where you can search for a text within the whole project. e.g. Visual Studio Code.
Once the project is opened with the software, just search (cmd+shift+f) for the unique class name you added earlier on and the results should show in which pages the class is to be found.
Before deleting the symbol, just undo the class named to avoid the extra created class in the css.
Now that you already know where the symbols are then just delete them in each page accordingly. Thats it…