How can I know the symbols are used in which pages?

As topic, in Webflow Dashboard, can I or how can I know the symbols are used in which pages? I found it is very time consuming to find out which symbols are used in which pages. Thank you so much for help.

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Unfortunately there isn’t an easy way to get a “top level” view on where your symbols are being used across a project. You can see the amount of instances used on your site (shown in the Symbols panel under each option) or find Symbol elements within any given page by scanning the Navigator panel for the green box icon:



As a tip, since Symbols can be contained within other non-Symbol elements, you can tick the “expand all” option to quickly find any instances on a particular page:


@mikeyevin Thank you for your detailed reply and the tip! Sadly there isn’t an easy way for that now, hope we can add this as a wish list and see the features in the future.


I agree that some updates here would be very useful, so hopefully the work being done with Symbols (soon to be called Components) will include some quality of life updates like you’ve suggested.

In the meantime, here is a Wishlist item you may want to throw some support behind :+1:

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For future Googlers (like me), I’ve found it handy to move through pages and use Command+E (Cntl+E on Windows) to look for on-page instances of symbols.

The little mouse pointer indicates that the symbol is in use on the current page.

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Sounds great, but this doesn’t work for me…

Does the quick find box not show up? Or does it just not find what you’re looking for?

You’ll have to be on a page that has an instance of the symbol for it to show up in the search results with the mouse pointer icon.

Here’s a mini tutorial for it:

Hi Brian,

The pointer didn’t show with cmd+e while the instance WAS on the page. I deleted the instance though, so I’m helped anyway.


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Again - for the benefit of any Googlers who come to this page - the little pointer didn’t show up for me either at first - however if you click the cog icon at the top of the search model and turn on the ‘Select On Page Element’ option then the mouse pointer does show