Locating where Symbols are

Hey all!

So I’ve experimented around earlier for making the one Nav bar and CTA for my website.
And now that it has finally all been set, I’m looking at the symbols side, and for some reason the “Navigation” or “CTA 2” are still used… all showing 1 instance…

I’ve gone through all the pages on my project, and I don’t actually see it anywhere!
I also can’t use the CTRL+E function to spot it either.

Anyway to … be shown where they are located ?

No. You need to find them yourself, haha. I agree, having a sort of “take me to the place where this element is” would’ve been awesome

ah darn it.
Oh well, back to my searching then!

Thanks for the help :smiley:

Why don’t you share your read-only so that someone could have a look as well?

It’s all good for now, I just decided to ignore it for the time being and keep editing my original symbol :slight_smile: