HTML Embed Code Editor not working in collection Rich Text editor


When adding markup to the HTML Embed Code Editor in the collection item’s Rich Text editor the markup isn’t saved. When you close the HTML Embed Code Editor and reopen it after saving it the markup isn’t there.

I’ve tested this in the HTML Embed Code Editor in a Rich Text editor that is not inside a collection item and it works fine. The issue is only present when trying to edit it in the collection item (in the designer or editor view).

It also happens in different browsers, new login sessions, and on a client’s editor account.

Hey, I have same problem. On all projects can’t use HTML Embed Code Editor it won’t save anything.

I’m having this same problem!

Same issue here. Thanks

Same thing happens to me. Until 2 weeks ago (last time I checked) it worked fine. There is another thread Embed Code Editor not functioning

They say they’re working on it.

Same problem here, any indication of when this will be fixed?

Hey there,

Riley here from the customer support team!

Thanks for reaching out about this.

We’re currently looking into this odd experience and are working towards a solution asap. I’ll keep you all updated as we take the necessary steps toward progress.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.



Plus 1 in CMS and Ecommerce posts, but it’s working fine if inserted from add component tab.

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