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Code embed block doesn't work in collections

I tweeted at @webflow yesterday, but haven’t gotten a response, so posting here as well.

Whenever I write code in an embed block inside a collection and save, it doesn’t save.

See video:

Can you share the video here it doesn’t work for me on twitter.

I created a custom code in a RT in a collection item and it saves OK for me.

Can’t upload videos on the forum, hope this works for you:

I think I’ve seen a very blurry version of the video.

But it shows you typing… text, not code.

For code you need to wrap your code inside of tags… or

What’s going on in the video is that I add a code block to a rich text field for a blog post. Then I add <div>this will not be saved</div> to the code block and click ‘save & close’. When I re-open the code block, it hasn’t saved. The input is empty.

I just tested this and it works for me.

You should write an email to support I think.

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