Hreflang Issues (Recriprocal, Self-reference, X-Default)

Having some troubles to fix the following:

  • Missing reciprocal hreflang (no return-tag)
  • Self-reference hreflang annotation missing
  • X-default hreflang annotation missing

The first thing I did was change the domain default from www to the

After that changed the Global canonical to the

The sitemap was updated and it is showing the right indexation: Sitemap

But the errors up top persist.
Can anyone help?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hey @Dapper_Webflow welcome to the forum :smiley:

On your site settings, on the General tab, you have a section called Localization. Add your href tag there (Language code)

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Hey Yvo, check the tools configuration that you’re using to generate your hreflangs.

If I pick one of your pages like this one;

I can see these hreflangs;

<link rel="alternate" hreflang="en" href="">
<link rel="alternate" hreflang="nl" href="">

So whatever means you’re using to create them is still specifying the www.

Thanks for your reply :pray:
We’ve just changed that, and I couldn’t find any info on this anywhere, one less thing to go ahah.

The solution was based on @memetican post.

The alternate hreflangs that were pinpointed were on the custom code forcing the www.
After removing that and updating the base tag href it is all sorted:

Unfortunately we need to keep the www. because the 301 redirect is possible to revert but we needed to create a manual sitemap and we prefer to keep the www. onwards.

Thanks for all the help!