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How to use slider to change page

I want to swipe the slider and it will bring me to the next page. How do I do it?

Its hard to understand what you trying to get (addurl/reference/codepen)
The core slider like any other slider, is for changeable content in the same page:


If you talk about ajax page-transitions:
No way by webflow (or any other CMS / Builder) - this is custom code topic.


next-prev example:

swipe event - you need to add JS libary to support touch gestures:

AJAX Summary: You must know JS - this is advanced topic. No way to solve this by forum answer.


Your request is quite broad, and may not be easily answerable/solvable via the forums. Would you like to move your post to the Freelance category instead?

Alternatively, you can also contact specialists like me or in the directory to custom code a solution for you.