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Slider controlled from navmenu

Hi :slight_smile: I have a crazy idea of putting main content of a website into a slider. I would like to control this slider from a navigation menu.

Can anyone please help me figure out how to do that control of a slider from navmenu?

By some googling I found this
but I am too unexperienced to figure out whether that could help me or how to implement that.

Tu summarize, I am looking for a way to assign some kind of action to a menu button which would do something similar as the bottom slider navs do. Like a “go to” or something. :smile:

Thank you for suggestions how to do that :sunny:


here is the website to understand better

Okey. I probalby found the solution in this forum

Yes it needs javascript. however there’s a way to link to a specific TAB when using the tab widget.

I got it somehow working using the script and I am quite fine with it.

Do you suggest using javascript might bring some issues?

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No it was just FYI. And I’m not very skilled at JS so I have no opinion (:

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