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How to use External API via json with Webflow CMS

Hello all,

Got a personal side project I want to utilize the CMS as a database for modern board games and related media content. There’s a popular site called Board Game Geek that is a repository for all BG data and forums. I’d like utilize their API to dynamically bring in information about a game into a CMS Collection template. I know that I can fallback on Zapier as a plan B if necessary, but I’d rather GET the info dynamically rather than push it into the Webflow CMS once.

When I run the api through Paw, I get the following so the API is working perfectly.

In the example, I used id=84876 to pull data for The Castles of Burgundy board game.

I’ve yet to find good code I can inject and the appropriate calls to replace the elements on the Webflow cms page. I understand the gist of what needs to happen but haven’t found a good place to learn how to implement it. Here’s where I could use some help either directly or point me towards a good forum post or tutorial that I can follow. As it’s a personal project I’m not able to pay for web dev, so any direction is appreciated. @samliew @vincent @cyberdave


Not asking for a handout, but really just need some good training material that I can walk through. Thanks.

I’m working on a event site in webflow and want to pull event listings from a 3rd party via API :face_with_monocle:

maybe @jasondark can make a youtube video on how to make that work

Yea great idea, I’ve been thinking about doing a video on this as there don’t seem to be any examples on line.


@jasondark That would be most welcome. :raised_hands:

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I’ll be your accountability buddy :smiley:

Yea let me know if you think of a cool API I could use as an example to get data from and put into a Webflow CMS collection. I was thinking maybe the cat api.

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Following! :raised_hands:
I am currently working on a project and have been trying to find some materials regarding this matter (populating Webflow CMS using external API via json).

Did this make any progress? Would love to see how to do this also

@matthewpmunger @jasondark

I’m having the exact same problem and was wondering if you found a solution.
Any info that would point me in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

I’m basically trying to retrieve info from an API and display on a webflow page.

@gvdias @allenwixted I made a quick and dirty example here. You can clone the project here to see how it works in detail.


This is extremely helpful. Thanks a lot, @jasondark!

Hey Jason! @jasondark The project seems to not be cloneable anymore. Any chance you can make it cloneable? I can really use this for a project I’m working on. Just let me know and thank you!

Hey I gave this project and others to @webdev recently. I think you’re right, it doesn’t seem to be cloneable. Maybe Jeff could take a look?

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@jasondark @Joe_Schnetzler - Project is cloneable again. Missed the switch to enable last go around. Clone away!


@jasondark @webdev Wow thank you, Jeff! You are amazing. This is going to help me A LOT.

Sorry for replying to a relatively old conversation but thought it’d be better than to start a whole new topic. I was wondering if there has there been any update to integrate this more into the “no code” or “low code” realm? In other words, the ability to bring in external data from an API to the Webflow CMS without writing all the heavy code that seems to have been a solution from @jasondark. Apologies – I’ve been exclusively looking for options in a service somewhere that makes this easy. I cloned the solution here but it appeared like it would take a lot of time to get up to speed on the custom coding. Any threads of ideas greatly appreciated. Basically, I’m trying to create a website that will lists products that will be pulled exclusively from an existing GraphQL API.

If you want to pull data into the CMS then you’ll need to use the Webflow CMS API or a service like Zapier or Integromat.

The example shown in this thread runs on the front end and should not be used to pull data into the CMS as you don’t want to expose your Webflow private key.

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Hi. Did you ever figure this out? I’m trying to connect a project to the Ticketmaster API.