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How do I insert unicode? I would like to insert a tilde and a navicon

I am interested in inserting a tilde over an N in the word espanol that is a drop down menu. I am also interested in adding an icon for the drop down menu that is the little hamburger menu you see everywhere. I know the unicode for the tilde is Ñ and the menu is ☰ but how do I get to the code to put that in?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @tedserwebflow

Did you try simply add that codes to the text block next to the text? I have been using copyright unicode on one of my sites. It just converting unicode to particular symbol immediately.


Ok the tilde worked in the simple text box and yes it did convert that but I can’t seem to do the drop down menu icon. Right now it’s just a V on the quick links and I want it to be that three line symbol. Here is the share link so you can see what I mean

That “V” symbol is actualy icon, you will be not able to add unicode there.

But it works fine in text part

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You’re so smart! Now why didn’t I think of that! :smile:

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I assume you just was tired :wink:

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