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How to turn off an interaction only for mobile version


I do I turn off an interaction for a certain element only for the mobile or tablet version. I wish to do this because there is no hover over function for those devices…
At the moment I have removed all the slide on hover interactions on the site…


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You can’t, but you can duplicate your object and pass it off for some devices… keep a mobile copy that’s not linked to the interaction.

It IS a good practice to have specific elements for mobile. It IS good practice to think your mobile experience apart from the desktop one. Responsivity is cool but has some technical and design limits.

Thanks. You mean have the original element not visible and the mobile copy visible?

I think that’s what @vincent means here. Duplicate the element that you have interactions applied to and make a version without interactions and set it to display only for mobile views. Conversely, you would hide the original element with the interaction for mobile views.

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