How to assign seperate triggers to the mobile versions?

go into the PHOTOGRAPHY SELECTION page. Since hovers dont work on mobiles without mouses, how can I assign a seperate trigger like a slow fade in to the mobile versions? If I do apply out right, the desktop changes aswell.

For different interactions to take effect on a the same element in different views is not possible to do natively in Webflow.

You would have to create a separate button for desktop which can only be seen on desktop and apply the interaction you would like to be on the element.

And a separate button for mobile which can only be seen on mobile and apply the interaction you would like to be on the element.

Hope this helps.

what do you mean by “separate button”?

Create a duplicate.

Make one visible only on desktop… one visible only on mobile.

hehe… sorry for my ignorance. What do you mean by "duplicate’? you mean duplicate the whole site or duplicate the whole page only?

lol… duplicate any content you want the click trigger interaction to effect.

If you would like to use Click trigger interaction you would also have to rename the elements individually so they don’t effect the other browser views.

So pretty much for the content you want to have the interaction on, make one for desktop. Then make another one for mobile.

make sure the one you made for desktop is invisible on mobile, and the one you made for mobile invisible on desktop.

then put separate interactions on the different versions.

Tell me if you need further help. :wink:

ahhhh… I think i get it. So… replicate the 1 page. Then rename all the elements and apply the different interaction. Then set it to be visible only on the format i choose on like mobile. Ok… one more question. How would you go about to make that 1 page only viewabl on desktop or mobile only? if there a selection on webflow you click on?

So kind of… yeah. :wink:

play around with these buttons in the gear icon tab :slight_smile:

i will. thxs. its unfortunate since some hover triggers are useless on mobiles but nice on desktops

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