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How to swap columns

Hi Guys,

i know that this questions came up a year ago, but i couldnt find a simple solution in the forum. The Navigator doesnt let me swap columns. Do you know of an easy and efficient way to swap columns? At the moment i always move the entire content from on column to the other.

See the “TEAM” Section on this page:
I need to change this when new employers come in.

Hope you guys have a smart trick.

Thank you.

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Apart from having column content in a handy container for easy manual swap, no.

But you can stop using ROW widgets and see if you can use Flexbox. With Flexbox, you can tell exactly were an element sits in a series of siblings elements (aka here your columns).

Learn at

Hey Vincent,

thank you very much for your answer. I love Flexbox and think it is the right approach for a visual composer. Do you know how to realize the switch from lets say 4 to 2 columns when switching from desktop view to tablet or phone?


Yes give width to your elements. 25% width on desktop will get your 4 cols, 50% will get you 2 cols and extra objects will go next line.

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