Switching columns in a grid

Hey there, I currently have a 2 column 1 row grid and just want to be able to swap my left column over to my right column is there a way to do this? I tried adding a third column and shifting the elements then deleting the left over column but that made my image be below my text on mobile when I want it to be vice versa. I also tried dragging my text to the left column but then all my margins disappear since I want the entire column to be switched. Is there an easy way to do this thank you!

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hi @Shelby_Tessier check internet for grid area or simply change position of elements in inspector.

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Cant see your read only link, but you can override the normal flow of the grid and assign your right col to start at col 1 and that will flip the grid. The same effect can be done with flex and just reverse the flex direction