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Swapping Columns

Is there a way to swap columns? All I want to do is put the left column on the right and vice versa. There doesn’t seem to be a simple way of doing this other than moving all the content over manually. I feel like I should just be able to reorder the columns in the navigator view, but no luck there.

I have quite a bit of content in the two columns in the pages they’re being used in and to have manually move each individual div block within is going to be cumbersome.

Hey @DavidB a quick solution for this is to move everything over in the navigation pane, it’s still manual, but much easier than trying to click and drag elements in the visual editor.

You can expand the columns and just drag and drop between the two. Much easier to do that.

Orrr, you could give your left column the class of your right column, and the right column the class of your left column, and then flip flop the columns. That should do it. Would need to see the webflow share link to further diagnose:

Let me know if you have any questions please :slight_smile:


Waldo :slight_smile:

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Hi @DavidB, just chiming in here. At the moment, you cannot swap columns. What I would suggest, is to put 1 div under each column that is 100% width and 100% height. Then drag all your column content into that one div.

Next, do as @Waldo_Broodryk suggested, and move the 1 parent div to your column content over to to the target column and vice versa for other columns.

​I hope this helps :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave


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