How to style search result highlighting within snippet

How to style the highlighting within snippet in the search result site. I read the Snippet styling and it told me to style the base tag for “All Bolds” in a rich text element on a style guide page.

But I can not find and target the “All Bolds” tag in paragraph element and rich text element on a style guide page. Can anyone teach me how to target it? I am confused that is it able to change the highlight search terms font color in snippets?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Could anyone please help??

@Dorshit_Yeung hi there! I saw your newer post on this topic but for simplicity’s sake I closed that and I’ll try and answer your question here.
What you will want to do is create a page and call that ‘style guide’. This is a good practice to keep any time you’re creating a website. It’s a page on your website where you put all your elements (all headings, body text, links, rich text). This allows you to style them in one place.
To style the snippet highlight, you will add a ‘rich text’ element to your style guide page. Here’s how to style anything within a rich text element Adjust indent of bullet list in rich text element - #2 by sarahfrison. Let me know if you’ve got more questions :slight_smile: