How do i Style all tags

I am new to webflow to see if I want to do it over hand coding. This is a general question.

How would i set the style of all p tags in webflow. The interface only allows me to name classes.

It says select class or tag, but the only tag shown in the drop down is the body tag.

Hi Dwayne,

If you add a paragraph element to the designer canvas you will then be able to style the ‘All Paragraphs’ tag (accessing it the same way as you have shown in the image above).

Once you add an element to the canvas you will have access to style it’s base class (tag) - unless it is a predefined webflow component (like 'Container)

The ‘All Paragraphs’ tag will have some settings in orange as they are inherited from the ‘Body’ tag.

Hope that helps,

Hi Keiran, First a Thank you since were the first to answer my question.

And yes it is helpful. But what if I want to style all p’s in a section. Say like p styles are different colors depending on the section. Then I would have to use a combo class. Is that correct?
Thank you.

Hi @dneckles, you could also leave the All Paragraphs tag unstyled and then set the font color on the sections where you want different colors, allowing the paragraph tags within each section to inherit the font color from the section. Does that make sense?