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Styling search result setting

How to style the highlighting within snippet in the search result site. I read the Snippet styling and it told me to style the base tag for “All Bolds” in a rich text element on a style guide page.

But I can not find and target the “All Bolds” tag in paragraph element and rich text element on a style guide page. Can anyone teach me how to target it? I am confused that is it able to change the highlight search terms font color in snippets?

Can you provide us with a read only link for your project?
So we can provide specific details for you :slight_smile:

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here is the preview link of my project

Please any idea?? I dont wanna give it up… its been 19 days already

On the page where your rich text is, create another rich text and give it the same class as your original one.
Don’t connect it to anything though!
Now select any element in that rich text like a paragraph and you now can select the base class in the selector, should be violet colored.

Basically you cant style rich text when you connected them

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thank you very much :heart: :heart:

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