How to style a link from a blog post in rich text?


I am new to webflow. I am writing a blog that uses rich text in the CMS blog post template. Please refer to the link here: Webflow - Institute of Insights

I have some links towards the end of the blog post. I would like to change the link colour from deep blue to lighter blue and the “visited link” colour from dark magenta to a lighter version. Can someone kindly guide me on how to do this? I cannot do this within the CMS editor but not sure of how to style the links in the CMS collection pages in the Pages panel.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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hi @DaveWong here is short video that may help you better understand how RTE works and how to create custom styles for RTE templates.

Hope this will solve your request

Hi @Stan , Thank you so much. It solved what I wanted to do.

hi @DaveWong if you do not have further questions related to your request feel free to close it as solved.

Thank you

Thanks Stan! You solved my problem too :grinning:

I’m having the same issue…I’ve followed the steps and still cannot get the links to be styled correctly in blog posts:

I have the Rich Text styled on the Style Guide page.