How to style a Figure Caption Link within Rich Text?

Is there a way to specifically style Figure Caption Links in a Rich Text element?

I’ve styled my Figure Caption text, but when I add a link to it, it inherits the style of my body copy links. I had hoped that when I clicked the link it would say ‘Nested inside of Figure Caption’ but instead it is nested into the body. I’d really love to be able to style the Figure Caption link separately so that it stays the same size as my Figure Caption text.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Bo Studio

Hi Emma, it’s very difficult to guess where to look for the figure in your site…

I’d expect the link to inherit from the link styling you set for the rich text element itself, have you set one? If not, create a link, and style it as “Nested inside of Rich text XX”.

If that doesn’t work, you may have to do a bit of custom CSS to style those how you like.

Hey Michael,

Yes, so I have styled links nested inside the rich text element. And those work great as it’s being used as a blog. But when I add an image and then caption it, and add a link in that caption, it inherits the link styling of the whole document. Whereas I want caption links to be styled separately from all other links as I see them as two separate things. But maybe that is not possible and I’ll have to use custom styling for caption links.

Sounds like it. I’m not sure where you’re doing this on your site, and I don’t have a published site link, so I can’t look at the CSS styles being applied in Chrome’s dev tools. But if you figure out that CSS selector combination, you can definitely make your desired caption-link styling work the way you want in all rich text element, or just those you’ve given a specific class to.

Thanks Michael, I’ve just gone ahead and added some custom code to target links within figcaptions within the rich text element.

.insight-body figcaption a {
  font-size: 14px;

And it’s worked how I wanted it to. Thanks for your help!

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