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How to stop my menu being a symbol

I made my MENU into a symbol early in the development of my site ([][1]) and now she has changed her brief, and yet I cannot make the menus varied from page to page as it is a symbol.

How to a stop the menu being a symbol and revert to the traditional Webflow style?

Thanks in advance. Sam.

Under the Assets tab, right next to the + (create symbol) is an unlink button to un-symbol a symbol.


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Is there any way to do this after you have dragged and dropeed the symbol on a bunch of pages? If you could take away the “Symbol” from the group of elements, it would make it easier to duplicat a universal style but have variance between pages.

An example of this is having a series of headers that all layout the same and have similar characteristics, but on one page, might be missing an icon since it is not needed…another page might have an extra icon on it…