Unlinking a symbol

Hello everyone!

I am afraid to unlink a symbol, because I think it will break all the instances :grimacing: So question is, if I unlink it, will the the rest applications of this symbol still exist as symbol on other pages?

I am asking, because I have a footer now as a symbol, but I need to copy, unlink it and create new version of the footer for other language as a new symbol. So I want all my linked footers to remain as an original symbol and from one of them to create a different new symbol. Hope it’s not too confusing.

Thank you!

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Hi, go to the page with the instance that you wish to unlink. Hover over the instance and right-click the mouse for a short menu that will say unlink. This will separate this instance from the other and return it to code. The others will remained ‘linked’ together.


Hi, as smallboxes explained exactly just make sure yur not editing the symbol on the page as the right click option to unlink will then not be there. You must be back on the page instance to unlink the symbol. Unlinking wont remove the symbol from yur saved symbols list. Im just a beginner to webflow so i could be wrong just i found this was my issue :smiley: