How to set a current state to a Navigation link redirecting to an external URL

Hi !

It’s been a little while that I am searching for this answer but didn’t find it anywhere, so here I am.

On the website I am currently building there are 3 different pages but on the Nav Bar there are 4 links, one for each pages (Home, Gallery and About) and one (Work) linking to the section located on the home page. For the link directing to a section on the home page (link named Work) I used the “external URL” option so that on whichever page your are on the website you can access this specific section of the homepage.

My issue, is that I cannot set a current state for the “Work” Navigation Link for this specific Work section. For all the other links the current state option is available but not for the Work section located on the home page. I assume that it’s because I linked it to an external link.

Could you please help my with this ?

Here’s the read-only link to the website: Webflow - Portfolio

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

I’m having the same problem! Were you able to resolve this?