Link to page section on another page (workaround for 'current: state')

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So I’m trying to find a workaround for ‘Navigate to Section’. Right now it works on the HOME page but not on any other page. Of course, an alternate way of doing that is setting that to ‘Navigate to External link’ (i.e /#sectionid).

This works, however, the [current: state] on Navbar doesn’t anymore. So as I scroll through the page when the NAVBAR link is set to ‘section’, the current state updates which gives a visual cue for the current section. But once I change that to ‘external link’, the [current: state] no longer works.

Is there a workaround for this. If it’s an animation I’d have to do, I’d like some help with that since I can’t seem to find a page trigger for a specific section.

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Ok, I was gonna delete the post since I found a solution, but I thought someone else could find this helpful. Make a duplicate of the NAVBAR on the other page, add new sub-class to Navlinks, and set the links to ‘Navigate to external link’. The HOME page will keep the original NAVBAR with links set to ‘Navigate to section’.