How to separate Featured Blog post from Regular Blog post

Hi there,

Trying to learn how can I separate Featured Blog posts from Regular Blog posts on the main page.

I would like to set up the Featured Blog post with a light background color or even a different type color so people can understand what is featured and what’s not.

I have the field Featured (Switch) option on the CMS collection however I am not having a visual difference on the page.

I will appreciate any thoughts.

Using this template:

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Ok, that’s quite easy. You’re going to filter lists. For example I do exactly this on the home of my blog where the first big cell is showing the last featured post.

So you’ll need at least 2 Dynamic lists. One showing the Featured posts, one for the non featured one.

Set the featured list on top, and filter it like this:

Additionally you can restraint to a given number of posts. I chose to only featured 1 featured post:

Then, for the normal posts list, you can hide the featured posts:

The general idea is that you can build nice and complex grids using multiple Dynamic Lists. On my other blog I use multiple lists on home, both to showcase featured content and to vary size an look.

Thank you @vincent, I will check it out!

Thank you so much @vincent, I made it :slight_smile: – Great!

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