How to send new contact to

We’d be really grateful for some guidance on how to send new signups from a Webflow form to please - for our new UK initiative to defeat the Conservatives in safe seats.

We currently send data from a signup form to Mailchimp which works fine using the ACTION code from Mailchimp and making sure the field names match. But Mailchimp is getting too expensive as our mailing list grows. Brevo much better value.

But we can’t get the interface to work for Brevo. Should it work? Or does Webflow specifically cater for Mailchimp and not for Brevo?

We are replicating this campaign in other parts of the UK and want it to be as cheap to replicate as possible, and so don’t want to waste money on a full-on interface service like Zapier for just this simple data exchange.

Any pointers very much appreciated :pray:

Hello - did anyone post a reply to this? We’re using Brevo too and would love a simple ACTION code as well instead of embedding a whole form.