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II have set up a form on my landing page where I receive notifications from form submissions on the email and the user details I can be checked them on webflow. Is there a way I could have access to the user details straight on the email notifications I receive?
Thank you.


By default, you should just be able to enter which email address you want the form data to be sent to and be good to go from there. You could try adding {{ formData }} into the email template in the form settings, although that shouldn’t be required.

What specific data are users entering in your form that is not being sent to your email? You’re sure that the form submission data is showing properly when you look at it in Webflow, or is anything missing?

Thank you for your reply.

The users are only adding their email and on the email we only get the confirmation that a form was submitted.

Did you try adding {{ formData }} into the email template in the project settings like @theecarls recommended?

Since you’re saying that the users can only enter their email into the form, the confirmation-email you receive should look like this:

You just got a form submission!

Email Form


Submitted content
email: john.doe@xy.com

Number of submissions received
1/50 this month
January 1st – January 31st

Need more submissions?
Please contact your website administrator.

Unsubscribe from notifications for this site.

Does the email you receive look something like that?

No it doesn’t look like that, will check on the {{ formData }}.

Thank you.

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