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How to include form submission info into the email alert?

Hello Webflow world,

So I have a client that has a standard contact form on the website. The form works all fine, however, I’m really struggling to set-up the form notification so that my client receives an email with the filled out form info in the email.

Surely this is possible? It seems like a fairly basic option that is really useful for both myself (not having to manually do it, which can be a nightmare especially considering I’ve been on a winter season so very limited to my computer) and my client (can respond ASAP).

Really appreciate any help on this. Thank you.

All the best,


You’re almost there.

Go to your form settings and add fields in the template.

At least {{formData}} which is the data of the form. You can embelish with text and all the other fields/variables that are listed in the helptext on the right of the template field.

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Here’s the text you can copy:

This is the result of a {{formName}} form submission on your site {{siteName}}

{{ formData }} 

You'll find all the other entries' data on {{formDashboardUrl}}
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Oh you beauty. Very clever stuff, thank you so much. Such an instant response as well…

You’ve made me look like a genius to the client now :money_mouth_face:

Much love Vincent, until next time.

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