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Results page from external DB

HI Everyone,

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question, but I need your help because I am at a dead end :frowning:

Basically I should build a meta-search website, in which I have to aggregate the products of different websites and compare the prices in case the user is finding a product (both with a general key word, or specific combo of keys in order to be much precise).

The flow should be the following one:

  1. I receive the CSV files via SFTP from another service which provide me one file for each website, to the FTP provided by an hosting service
  2. through mySql, I create the merchant tables, and other ones with registries and others to aggregate and normalize the product data

what it’s missing:

  1. I need to find a service where I can build queries that, connected to mySQL’s database, returns results to webflow thanks to a search box

  2. I need to show the results with a custom layout (I have for example url with image in which I need to show directly the image and not the url, or I have to apply to a button specific url to allow to the users to land at the merchant website)

Could you please help me with points 3 and 4?

many thanks

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What you are looking to do probably requires that you self host your Webflow designed site and build dynamic pages with a server side programming language.