How to restore my work

I started the Portfolio page in the Bootcamp and when I returned back to the Home page all my work was gone. Deleted.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

I’m not sure if I got it right, but if you have to unintended changes then you can go back to your previous version.

Webflow manages backups in certain intervals, to access/restore you should go to the project Setting, click Backup and Preview or Restore from there.

@abirana HI, thank you for your response. I just tried and the Project Settings says "This project is currently on the starter site plan.

You should see something like this.

@abirana Ok. I dont know how to screenshot but its not allowing me to go any further that what i quoted you when i go to Project settings.

Are you in your own account or are you in a team account?

Im honestly not sure. I just started the bootcamp.

Im on lesson 23 out of 43 in the bootcamp.

@abirana Could you tell me how to screenshot so I can show you what I see?

If you are on Windows there should be a tool called Snipping Tool on Mac click CMD+Shift+5

Follow this video to check the Backup Backups — Webflow tutorial (using the Old UI) - YouTube

This is the screenshot

@abirana I really appreciate your help. I watched the video but im not able to go pass the screenshot I sent you of the Project Settings.

As I can see you are working on someone’s shared project, it is showing on the top right that it is a Read-only mode that means the changes you do here will not be saved, it is mentioned there.

I don’t know how your Bootcamp went but you should start with your own account. Share projects are best to diagnose and to learn how others did something.

You are working on Webflow projects and haven’t you created an account? It’s free to start with, just go to Webflow main site and click on Get Started to create a new account.

Namaste @zellyb
Nothing much to worry about :slight_smile:

Here watch this video and let me know if it helps

All my work disappeared from Home when I tried to open a new page for the client Portfolio. Plz help

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Your new question seems very similar, so please check that post.

@abirana yes. I created an account. I was doing this on my own and wasnt sure of the steps. If possible could you help me with the way I should have followed the courses. I started with Webflow course 101 and then I started the bootcamp.

@pravinakajerry Thank you so much for your response. I tried that video and the screenshot i shared is what i see when i open the Project settings. I just found out that what im working on is not being saved. Could you help me with the order of the courses I should have taken. I started with Webflow 101 and then i did the bootcamp. I was on lesson 23 out of 43 and that’s when i lost all of my work.