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How to reset Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

“Enter the code from your authentication app”

A help page says I can turn off 2FA but I’ll need my old code to do it!

Yesterday or so I did a major clean up of my system. In the process, it seems to have swept away any identity relationship with WF.

How do I recover from this?


Hi @Joseph_Bates, I can help with a 2FA reset, could you please submit a message about this from our private message form here:

We never share billing or login details here on the forum, but send us a secure message there on the form and we can help to get you setup.

For new 2FA setups, you can download recovery codes, but if you do not have that yet, then a manual reset from the support desk is needed.

Send us a message about this and our team will help get you back to designing quickly, I am here to help.

My best,

Thank you.

I filled that out too.


Hi @cyberdave
I have changed my phone and have lost my codes for Webflow and can’t log in - there’s client I need to get change and can’t access.

Can you help please? I have filled the form out from the link you supplied.


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Hello, I have the same problem. After recovery device, I lost Webflow 2FA Code on Google Authentification, I can’t refresh my 2FA code.

I haven’t the possibility to connect my account on other platform.

This link isn’t working :

Please help me !

Thanks for your return :slight_smile:

I have the same problem and the link not working :

So I can’t refresh my Webflow Google Authentification…

Thnaks for your help :slight_smile:

That’s right, I resolved my problem with custom support and refresh my account acess :wink:

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