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How to recieve an email containing what a user typed in my website's form?

Hello everyone,
Using the tutorials on webflow university, I have linked my website’s form to Mailchimp. And thus, I am getting an email notification whenever someone uses my form. However, this email only contains the user’s email address, but NOT what the user has typed into my form.

I would like to know a way to see what the user types into my form, since as a freelance designer, I would need to understand the prospective client’s need.

Re-emphasising that I do recieve emails through mailchimp when someone writes something in my form, but I do not recieve emails about what they have written in it.

Any help would be appreciated.
Here is the link to my read-only website.

Thanks in advance.

Form Notification

Available variables are: siteName , formName , formData and formDashboardUrl.

In your case use {{formData}}.


Do you talk about the MESSAGE field in your form?

You should also add this field to Mailchimp + check name matches (Webflow form & Mailchimp form) => (Phone in this example).

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